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Benny's Blues

Restart is a fusion rock victory anthem, led by soprano saxophone and bass clarinet with a smooth touch of retro-soul synth. The groove is kept by electric bass, electric guitar, drums, percussion and keys. Special guest: Jacob Gorensteyn (soprano saxophone).

Benny's Blues

Curiosity is a romantic Latin ballad, opening with a long, gentle classical guitar intro. The clarinet leads, accompanied by accordion and guitar, presenting a delicate melody reminiscent of Paulinho da Viola. 

Benny's Blues

Benny’s Blues - a harbinger of Windframes's new album Full Moon Cinema which will be released soon by Amitai Mann. 

A nostalgic jazz ballad led by the bass clarinet with a sweeping internal rhythm movement of electric guitar, accordion, bass and drums. The melody is reminiscent of a child's cry in the middle of a dream, and takes the listener into a hopeful journey ending with a chaotic catharsis.


Amitai Mann - Compositions, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet

Ilan ziv - Arrangements, Accordion

Dor Ben Lulu - Guitars

Meidad Cohen - Bass Guitar

David Dagmi - Drumes, Percussion

Jacob Gorensteyn - Soprano Saxophone (in Restart)

Maya Popova & Anatoly Shenfeld - Choreography and dance


Music Production - Ilan Ziv

Mix & Mastering - Ronen Roth at SonicYard studios

Recording engineer - Jacob Gorensteyn 

Executive producer - Snir Lahav

Video - Gil Yishai

Graphic design & illustrations - Maureen Ben Ishay

Windframes photo by Elad Barmi
Full Moon Cinema


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