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A Melodic Memorial: 'Nehama' as a Testament to Hope and Remembrance

Crafted in the wake of Hamas's catastrophic assault, the instrumental piece 'Nehama' stands as a wordless reminder of the 1400 innocent lives, of all walks of life, from babies to the elderly - souls who had left this world in unimaginable pain and suffering at the hands of satanic, barbaric thugs. This piece is offered as a heartfelt tribute to the shattered hopes and dreams of the victims and loved ones.

The musical collaboration between clarinetist Amitai Mann and accordionist Ilan Ziv gave birth to 'Nehama', a stirring instrumental piece dedicated to the victims of the October 7, 2023 Massacre. The Massacre, led by Hamas' terrorists, deliberately targeted and cruelly attacked civilians sleeping in their beds, individuals as uninvolved and peaceful as any human being can be.  The piece was composed by the duo in the aftermath of October 7th, amidst the slow and constant revelation of additional horrifying details of that day.

"We met in our Tel Aviv studio during the second week of the war, surrounded by a strong sense of grief and anxiety,"  the two recall. "Our focus shifted from our work on our album to performing for refugees and the elderly across the nation."  In the midst of personal heartache and the chaos of war, the desire to offer something akin to solace, was overwhelming. "We both closed our eyes, and each whispered a word that resonated with us in that moment: 'compassion,' 'consolation.'  We sat there in silence for a while. From that silence, this melody emerged."

'Nehama' is an instrumental jazz ballad, a musical embodiment of hope, compassion, and comfort, for times when there are no words. Crafted during these incredibly challenging times, it is intended to serve as a warm embrace to those whose lives were shattered by the maliciousness of terrorism.

Nehama by Amitai Mann & Ilan Ziv
NehamaAmitai Mann & Ilan Ziv
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