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creating deep emotions through music and sound


AMITAI MANN is a multi-winds player, composer, arranger and interdisciplinary creator. A master of the clarinet and bass clarinet, he is also highly proficient on saxophone, various flutes and several kinds of European bagpipe. An innovative player intimately familiar with many styles, he has recorded and performed with a wide variety of musicians and ensembles, including top-selling and culturally significant artists.

Amitai Mann's new debut release 'Full Moon Cinema' is a unique instrumental album, exceptional due to its focus on the under-utilized, rich tones of the bass clarinet. Full Moon Cinema takes the listener on a refreshing and fascinating musical journey, an unfamiliar, singular tour through both sound and silence. The album is structured in vignettes, an arrangement of distinct musical interpretations of autobiographical episodes which combine into a sonic journey through multiple worlds, from childhood melodies all the way into to the realms of contemporary compositions and improvisation.


Full Moon Cinema will appeal especially to woodwind enthusiasts who are looking for the soulful sound which emanates when spirit and breath are united behind an instrument, but it will also resonate with anyone who is looking to be inspired by an exploration between music, image and movement.


Alongside his flourishing career as an instrumentalist, Amitai has produced singles and albums for beginners and veterans alike, without compromising on the original artistic vision or the professional quality of the final product.

Amitai has experience in both long-term and short-term projects, and is comfortable holding various positions, whether it be entrepreneur/founder, band member, session player or promoter/organizer. His activities have involved projects in the private sector, public sector as well as the nonprofit sector.


Amitai is academically educated and professionally experienced in a wide array of musical styles. His rich academic and practical background began with classical music, advanced to klezmer, went through jazz and its many shades, continued with eccentric punk and techno, and then all the way to esoteric ethnic/world music. Thus, in almost any musical situation, he is able to substantially contribute, with his own unique voice.


After more than a decade of rich and varied professional experience in music, for the first time Amitai Mann has brought the creation of an original clarinet and bass clarinet work to the top of his artistic priorities.


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